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The table below describes many of my favorite hikes, ranked in order of preference. May it be an inspiration to other hikers out there... Hover for overflow content.
Hua ShanShaanxi, ChinaAll dayThe "short" route to the first of five peaks is two hours up 4000 stairs; the long route is 4-6 hours and more gradual. Once at the north peak you can continue to hike treacherous stairs to visit the other peaks and breathtaking cliffs.
ZhengbeilouChina5-6 hoursThis section of the Great Wall hasn't been restored for hundreds of years; hike along the crumbling wall to see spectacular vistas.
Erawan FallsThailand2-3 hoursThis river has seven waterfalls with incredible aqua-colored water. Enjoy swimming and a natural waterslide! Beware of thieving monkeys.
Mt. TimpanogasUtah11-12 hoursStarting from Aspen Grove, this 14-mile round-trip hike leads through all sorts of beautiful ecosystems: pine forest, alpine meadows, a glacier lake, and bare rock on top.
Stairway to HeavenHawaii4-5 hoursFor the best sunrise you'll ever see, hike up these 4000 stairs in the early morning. Now illegal (and with a hefty fine), this hike is unfortunately not recommended.
Olomana PeaksHawaii3-4 hoursThis gem near Kaneohe gives spectacular views of the valley and mountain range for limited effort. The hike goes to three peaks; be extremely careful if you go on to the last one.
La Sainte VictoireFrance3-4 hoursA solitary mountain rising out of the beautiful countryside surrounding Aix-en-Provence, this is an easy, accessible hike with a great view (the Alps are in the distance!).
Le Pic Saint LoupFrance3-4 hoursAnother solitary mountain, this one near Montpellier. One side is gradual, the other is a sheer cliff all the way to the bottom. Standing on top is amazing!
Black CanyonColorado3 daysThis one is on my bucket list. Unlike other hikes, on this one you hike down into the canyon, then back out a day or two later. Grueling; you can lose your toenails here!
KilamanjaroTanzaniaMultiple daysAnother one on my bucket list. I don't know too much about it besides that it looks amazing! From jungles to glaciers, you see it all.