Mad Lib

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there lived a turtleturkeytiger           named Tommy. Tommy was nice but he was so slowsleepysmart          . Really. All the other animals would laugh atspit oncheer for           Tommy because of it. But one day there was a terrible fireplagueparty           in the forest. All the animals fled to the river to escape it. None of them knew what to do until Tommy stepped forward. "I know how to flyswimpolka          !" he said. "Build us a raft and I'll pull you all to safety!" So the squirrels gathered sticks and the raccoons lashed them together to make a raft. Slowly, slowly, Tommy pulled the raft into the river. Unfortunately, animals are not good raft builders, and all the animals drownedescapedburned            .

The end.

Written and directed by Jarek Buss
Special fonts used are "Pacifico" and "Indie Flower" from Google Fonts
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